Shareridge awarded significant East Midlands TWS and Water Rationalisation Programmes – Regional Framework

We are delighted to announce that Shareridge has been awarded the significant East Midlands region on the Treated Water Storage and Water Rationalisation Programmes – Regional Framework. This encompasses an area including the counties of Dublin, Kildare, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, and Wicklow.

This award comes under the auspices of the Uisce Eireann Framework, a crucial initiative aimed at enhancing water storage and rationalisation across the region. A key element of this programme is the emphasis on early Contractor engagement, an approach we strongly believe in and are excited to bring our expertise to.

As part of our commitment to this framework, Shareridge will carry out a wide variety of activities, ensuring a thorough approach to addressing the water management challenges the region encounters. Our duties will encompass creating the initial project designs, which will include necessary investigative and exploratory works or surveys. This involvement at the initial stages is vital for spotting and addressing potential problems right from the start..

Furthermore, our team will be deeply involved in the planning, design, and approval processes, bringing our wealth of experience and innovative thinking to the table. This will lead to the finalisation of designs for construction, encompassing all necessary steps to ensure the projects not only meet but exceed expectations.

The construction and installation phase will see our team bringing these designs to life, with a keen focus on quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Following construction, we will oversee the testing and commissioning of the works, ensuring everything operates as intended and meets all required standards.