Construction Safety Week 2018

Shareridge are proud to partner with the CIF for Construction Safety Week 2018 and will be carrying out the following during Construction Safety Week 2018:

  • We will display the official CIF Safety Week posters in all of our site offices.
  • We will encourage participation from all involved on our sites
  • We will promote the Safety Week activities across our sites through daily Toolbox Talks on the following topics:Monday- Working Safely at Height
    • Monday- Working Safety at Height
    • Tuesday- Positive Mental Health
    • Wednesday- Working Safely Near Utilities
    • Thursday- Working Safety with Hazardous Substances
    • Friday- Working Safely with Vehicles
  • We will be paying particular attention to Working near Utilities
  • On Tuesday we will provide refreshments for all site operatives across all of our sites to coincide with the Positive Mental Health Toolbox Talk
  • We will be actively promoting the CIF safety week across our social media platforms.