Phase 2 – Watermain Rehabilitation Works

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Wexford Watermains Rehabilition Contract 1 - Broadway Village Site Investigation and Main Rehabilitation.

January 2016

Project Specific Scope of Works

ShareRidge undertook services in two phases. The works comprised of the following:

Phase 1 - Site Investigation Works

  • Site investigation to determine the condition and engineering properties of the ground and the location, type and size of the existing services and utilities including the water service pipes and connections along the proposed routes of new watermains. These works included excavation of slit trenches and trial pits.
  • Preparation of the log sheets.
  • A full topographical survey of the proposed pipeline route.
  • Revision and adjustments of the proposed pipeline route design and taking into account the minimum clearances required from other services and taking into account other site constraints based on the site investigation findings.
  • Proposed pipeline route updated on the Indicative Design Drawings.
  • Designed connection details of the new pipes in to the existing watermains.
  • Designed new service pipes and connections including boundary boxes.
  • Risk Register for the project was prepared.
  • Shareridge acted as Designer in accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013.
  • Draft and final Design Proposal prepared including the following:
    1. Layout drawings with the confirmed pipeline route and the proposed fittings.
    2. Identification of the number and location of the service connections to private properties indicating the installation of new boundary boxes.
  • Value Engineering Workshop(s) with Irish Water / Wexford County Council were undertaken to review findings for all investigated sites and to agree the final pipeline route and priced scope for upgrade works.
  • Based on site investigation and ground condition, Shareridge proposed trenchless method of pipe installation, horizontal directional drilling instead of traditional open cut and approved by Irish Water.

Phase 2 - Watermain Rehabilitation Works

The works within this Phase comprised of the following:

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling of new Polyethylene (PE100) SDR11 watermain of the outside diameter in size to replace an existing 150mm uPVC watermain:
    Section Name: Broadway Village
    Outside Diameter (OD): 180mm
    Length: 600m
  • Installation of associated new fittings: 9no. sluice valves, 1no. flowmeter, 5no. fire hydrants.
  • Replacement of the existing service pipes and installation 20no. new boundary boxes.
  • Construction of sluice valve, fire hydrant and flowmeter chambers.
  • Installation of new ducts and kiosk for the flow meter.
  • Connections to existing 150mm uPVC watermain.
  • Crossing of existing services and ditches.
  • Installation of suitable bedding, surround and backfill.
  • Testing and sterilisation of the new watermains.
  • Dechlorination and disposal of water from the new watermains.
  • Provision of temporary and permanent road reinstatement works of various surface types and reinstatement of grass verges, footpaths and agricultural lands.
  • Any ancillary works associated with the above.

The works also included in conjunction with the works listed above, ancillary works including:

  • Health and Safety - including role of PSDP, PSCS, Designer and Contractor.
  • Temporary Works including Traffic Management, Temporary Works Design.
  • Concrete works including Footpaths, Kerbs, Pavements, Blockwork, Brickwork and Masonary.
  • Testing of Materials.
  • Testing of Works.
  • Other incidental Works.

After completion of the works Shareridge carried out the following:

  • Post-construction survey and preparation of as-built drawings and details.
  • Undertook water conservation calculations based on recording flows in and flows out and measuring the water leakage savings.

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Proportion of Contract Undertaken: 100% ShareRidge
Tender Entity: Main Contractor
Start Date: 4th January 2016
End Date: 30th January 2016
Contract Value: €58,000
Contracting Authority: Irish Water / Wexford County Council